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A year ago, we approached the Sausalito Art Festival Foundation to provide video streaming to augment their already hugely successful annual art festival.  One of the biggest in the country, art lovers from around the world converge on tiny Sausalito for the wine, food, music and most of all, the art.  We felt that to add something to an already amazing event, what was needed was a live stream, providing viewers with what they were missing by not attending the festival.

We designed a small stage show, about two hours long, putting artists and special event features on display to the world through the power of internet streaming.  Using, we were able to distribute the show to users at home and on the go, who watched on their mobile phones.  Our footprint at the event was small but very effective.  Even though we were out of the way, patrons came by to see the artists visiting and to watch the show in progress, adding another interesting feature to the event.

We are proud to announce that we will be streaming the festival again this year, with additional promotional efforts as well as new and exciting show features.  The event is completely sponsor driven, becoming a new revenue source for the Art Festival!

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