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In an article at the WSJ, a stat of particular interest pops up. We could have told you how hot streaming video is, but it really doesn’t strike home without the numbers. In particular, gaming video is as hot as it gets and Twitch.tv is the go to location.

Check out the article at ongamers.net for a summary focusing on the gaming video aspects.

Check out the original article about Apple that reveals the numbers here.



It wasn’t so long ago that even a small video would break the strongest of Internet connected media consumers.  Now, even from a mobile phone, practically every connected individual in the world can watch streaming media without the geographic barriers of broadcasting.  No matter the message, no matter where, The AV Society can help you carry the message.  We have used Twitch.tv in the past to broadcast gaming tournaments, sponsored events and charity programs.  Though, no matter what channel you use, it is obvious that streaming is the most cost effective way to engage an audience live, and we can help you.

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