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On May 8, 2014, some of the biggest and brightest stars of emerging gaming technology came together to discuss the future of virtual reality and neuro-technology in entertainment. Palmer Luckey, Ed Fries and many others joined the panels to discuss how games and entertainment will be affected by new technologies that connect to users in fascinating ways.

Over the course of the two day exposition, there were presentations on the future, emotion in gaming, mental health and development using gaming technologies and many more.  Each panel was hosted by top experts in each field.  The AV Society provided live streams of the entire show and presented the entire thing via Twitch, the most popular video game streaming service around.

For the NeuroGaming conference, The AV Society helped plan the broadcast and promotion through Twitch, achieving over 150K unique viewers for the conference and 3000 peak concurrent viewers.  We established the Twitch channel and developed graphics and set up the channel according to best practices for search engine optimization and user experience.  Once the show was completed, The AV Society produced the NeuroGaming Conference YouTube presence, creating a new channel for NeuroGaming and uploading the videos from each presentation within 48 hours.

About working with The AV Society, Zack Lynch, Founder of the NeuroGaming Conference said: “The AV Society went above and beyond what we were expecting for our live 2 day streaming of our conference.  The attention to detail was excellent and the final product seamlessly delivered.  We’ll definitely work with them on our next show.”

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