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When you have only a few leftover lights and an extra camera that can sometimes mean you can get a great shot of a very relevant prop item and add a lot to the stream.  In this case, we had access to one of the trophies at Quakecon and a very simple setup of lights and camera.  With a little finessing we were able to put it into play as a hero shot for cutaways and GP B-Roll.


The shot as it appeared on our multiviewer.

All it really took was a little back lighting and adjustment of the house lights to really make the trophy pop.  The camera struggled a little bit in the dark areas, because the lighting was strained, but it didn’t show too badly.  The audience loved it, almost too much.  They thought it was a static shot until we had the casters poke their head into the shot for fun.  I take the mistaken identity as high praise, as they are assuming a photographer set up and took a still of the trophy, which is an achievement for a video shot.

imageHere’s  how the setup looked.

Simple crossed lights with a higher backlight with the dimmer opened up, while the fill is lower and on a lower power setting.  The camera is simply adjusted so that the background falls away into darkness and the lighting on the trophy overpowers the background.  When you look at it in person, it doesn’t look like much, but it was enough to warrant Quakecon putting out a still of the shot as an official wallpaper!  Who says you can’t get better than expected results out of simple equipment?


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