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Roughly around the month of May 2014 Nintendo contacted AVS and we discussed creating a stage show that was on a tighter budget than their E3 show, but needed to have the same impact and even more video games on display!  To make matters even more complex, one of the days would be a live shoutcasted tournament on development hardware.  We recommended a setup using our ATEM 2ME switch, taking full advantage of the supersource, giving us the ability to show up to four picture in picture screens containing either hosts, players or gameplay.  With this switch at the core, we were ready to plan the rest of the event and ensure that we were able to show all the games in their full graphic glory.  The on screen graphics would be simple, but we would need a way to update tournament information rapidly, to keep up with the tournament results.  For that we added our custom CasparCG graphics server.


Our task was to broadcast to for two days from Comic Con 2014.  We would be broadcasting in 720P, a tournament the first day and a series of guests and game demonstrations the second day.  To support the tournament, we would be playing matches on screen in on the Wii-U, with small cameras that showed the players faces as they played.  The second day, we would need to mic up several hosts as well as guests for the live variety show.  Following the budget, we were able to set up several small cameras around the “gaming lounge” so that when our stage was quiet, we could focus on points of interest around the room.  The audience gave us rave reviews, stating that the content was as clear as they have ever seen it and that they couldn’t get enough of the game demonstrations.


We worked for several days with Nintendo to make sure that all the I’s were dotted and T’s crossed.  We staffed six staff team members, including camera operators and production assistants.  Our planning included dynamic tournament bracket creation.  We used Caspar CG to create a completely dynamic tournament graphic, allowing one of our staff to enter information from the tournament into the graphics system.  We have since automated this tool using Challonge and their API but that story is for another day.  We were able to show the fast moving tournament in great detail and get the important information on the screen.











Our second day consisted of some very fun video game demos, including a speed run and platforms that varied from Wii-U test units to 3DS test units.  All worked well for the 8 hour show day.

Equipment List

  • ATEM 2ME 4K Switch
  • 2x Panasonic 3CCD Pro Camcorders
  • 2x GoPro Hero 2
  • 2x Toshiba Camileo X100
  • 1x Mackey Mixer
  • PA System
  • Distribution amplifiers and converters and cabling
  • Production Encoder
  • Laptops and Screens
  • Caspar CG Graphics

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