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Nerd HQ 2016

The AV Society had the good fortune of working with Zachary Levi’s The Nerd Machine for the second year in a row. The annual Nerd HQ event hosts panels of the best guests nerd culture has to offer, and raises awareness, as well as money, for Operation Smile. The AVS was on site streaming more than 40 hrs of content over 4 days, reaching an audience of hundreds of thousands, through simultaneous streams on YouTube, Facebook, and Nerd HQ’s own app. Equipped with multiple cameras, knowledgeable professionals, and a couple robots, we were able to bring online viewers the full experience of Nerd HQ’s wonderful guest lineup, but without the waiting in line.

We used a combination of robotic cameras and cameras with talented camera operators to get high quality shots from the panel room with quick and focused live editing to ensure a compelling program. With audience participation being the backbone of a good panel, our team was able to capture all the great questions and fan interactions to share with the online community. Viewers were also treated to a number of surprise guests and world premieres. The AV society was able to accommodate and incorporate all these surprises seamlessly while maintaining a high quality broadcast.

During any event, plenty of audience members have their phones at the ready, and voracious viewers online will rush to copy the video and repost some of the more spectacular moments.  We headed them off at the pass by making sure clips were available for the social media team immediately. Our highlight videos were posted to YouTube within minutes, making sure the audience was retained on the correct social media channels.

In addition to streaming to the official channels, some celebrities wished to have a copy of their own panel streamed to their Facebook page, something our expertise allowed us to do on the fly as the show was in progress.

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