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Video Production

With video cameras becoming available to just about everyone, video has become a major part of the Internet experience for millions of people around the globe.  The most powerful medium is still the king and the methods of distribution are now wide open.  With a low cost to entry for internet distribution, we can help you take advantage of the “democratization of video” and get your message to the masses.

We specialize in small form web-video for businesses large and small.  We pride ourselves on our “no prima donna” approach to production and are able to work within the constraints of tight budgets as well as capably employ the benefits of large budgets.

Our small team can carry out shoots and post-production in house, but we can also collaborate with some of the biggest names in the business, if your budget allows and you want to shoot for the stars.  Either way, we are flexible and pride ourselves on a job well done, regardless of size.

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