Live Streaming

Live Streaming can be one of the most compelling ways to share your brand with consumers or open your event to multitudes around the world.  The power of the Internet lies within the massive audience that can be reached.  Using live video, you can communicate directly with your audience, even facilitating a two way conversation through additional tools such as twitter, Facebook and embedded chat.  Live events can be augmented via audience participation and in some cases can be profit earning ventures in their own right.

The AV Society specializes in small footprint, high quality Live Streaming, meaning we can adapt to just about any location and for a flat fee* can live stream from your office or event.  All you need to provide is the space, electricity and suitable Internet connection.  We will happily help you co-ordinate the requirements if you need us to.  Additional production qualities can be added for additional budget, but a basic Live Stream is fully included out of the box, making it easy for people who haven’t experienced what Live Streaming can do for their business.

Our basic kit includes all that is needed for a live event, including computer presentations, up to 6 video feeds.  With 12 channels of audio, we can cover a multitude of subjects, locations, talent and situations.  The system simply needs power, a small work area, enough space for the set (which can be a minimum of 10×10 feet) and an Internet connection.  In cases where there isn’t one, we can provide wireless Internet for the project.

*Fees do not include expenses such as travel or access to site such as parking.


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